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Software Engineer

Since 2012 i have been devoted to working with programming languages. How ever my interest for this and anything tech related did not start here. My parents used to tell me about how i was obsessed with buttons and electricity when i was a child. they are overly fond of a story about me turning off a jukebox in a busy restaurant. while i could barely walk.



After my Lower Vocational Education i wasn't really sure about what to do with my life, one thing i was always fond of and i still am is videogames. So i attended the Alfa-College GameDesign and Architecture School in Groningen, here i worked on design, 3D and started my journey into programming. Special thanks to the great people i have had the pleasure meeting here.


3D Design

For the first years at my GameDesign course i focused mainly on 3D modeling, So much that i am currently finishing a certification course. Making 3D models is a blast, and these we used in our game engine. Tough the art business is tough so my main focus lies in code right now. I will include a couple of example renders and projects below for you to see and experiance.

Software Engineering
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Websites, Apps, API, Games, Databases, Lego

Starting from a young age, i worked with webdesign in frontpage and modding programs this started my minds development for thinking like a programmer. Altough back then durring the late 90's and early 2000's websites weren't as sophisticated like they are now, so after a website filled with GIF files and javascripts that open your cd drive to act like a lovely cupholder there wasn't that much to find and learn about. Until my parrents bought me a book that helped me quite a bit in my free time studies.

GameMaker gave me some more insight into programming, it is probaly also the first book i ever owned about programming. It taught me about variables and manipulating if and else statements. This also pushed me into GameDesign, humble beginnings one might say.

During my GameDesign i got into programming in Unity3D, wich just became free for nonprofit users. We had a classroom filled with 30 people of wich only 3-4 people could program. Granted that our projects where exectuted by groups consisting of about 4-5 people. well... you do the math. it isn't ideal. So graduately i started doing less and less 3D design and focused my self more on Unity wich used a language UnityScript wich is basicly based of Javascript but works with classes. and drove me into C# now one of my favorite languages to program with.

Programming and Games
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Logo Image

Most of my earlyer work is in Unity3D due to my gamedesign background with 3D assets made in Autodesk 3D Studiomax and Scripted in Javascript / C#

Below are a couple of examples of my work applied to Unity Projects

3D rondleiding : FitnessOase


A modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design
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A modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design
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